How to Play a Country/Blues Style Pedal Steel Guitar Lick (Blues Guitar Lesson w/ Jon Maclennan)

In this lesson from Guitar Control, instructor Jon Maclennan demonstrates how to play a cool country/blues style pedal steel guitar lick. Pedal steel guitar style is a pretty cool tool to have under your fingers for any blues guitar situation. Pedal steel guitar style licks will add lots of flavor to your blues improvisations. This particular lick is pretty easy and Jon makes this lesson so simple that even a beginner guitarist could play and have fun with it. We hope you get inspired to incorporate these ideas into your own playing and be sure to click the link for the tabs so you can easily follow along and get this pedal steel guitar style lick in your fingers right away. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you do not miss any of the killer content we upload to help you along on your guitar journey.

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Hey, how’s it going guys this is Jon McLennan with Guitar Control bringing you this video lesson, we’re looking a little bit of “Country Style Petal Steel Licks”. We’re going to apply it in a blues which is a cool thing to do.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

We’re going to start with our second finger on the eighth fret of the second string that notes g, and we’re going to bend it up a whole step and put my pinky on the ninth fret of the first string. Basically we’re implying an a7 chord because we’re playing a blues in the key of a. A lot of times I’ll be using my pick, and finger on the next note.

Then, when I go to the d chord I’m going to play the 10th fret, 10th fret, 9th fret and the 9th is going to go up a whole step, last but not the least we have the five chords which are 12, 12, 11, and then back down to the four. Let’s see, if I’m just going to pull up a little backing track here, see if we can play this over the blues together.

Now to the five chords we’re just applying those pedal steel lifts immediately dropping them in, and getting a real cool sound. A couple notes in the back pickup, I’ve got a little extra trouble and a little extra reverb to help dial that sound. Make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you on our next video lessons, thanks for watching.  

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