Buying An Electric or Acoustic Guitar – What You Need to Know

So you’re an aspiring guitar playing and
you’re wondering whether you should
play acoustic or electric.
Heck, I say, play both!
But lets say for the sake of argument,
that you only want to just buy ONE
guitar to start with.
Well, they each have their advantages
and drawbacks.
The electric guitar is easier physically.
Because the strings are lighter, and
the action is lower (that means the
strings are closer to the fretboard),
it means you don’t have to press down
quite as hard with your fingers.
This is not only easier on your fingertips,
but also the muslces of your hand and
The only problem with the electric
is that you have to worry about your
amplifier – which one you should get
and how to set the knobs.
This makes it harder to get a nice sound
or TONE from your guitar.
The acoustic guitar, with its heavier
strings and higher action is going to
be physically a bit harder to play
but your tone is easier to manage.
In the end it doesn’t matter which one you
pick. The process for learning is exactly
the same.
Probably, you should pick whichever one
appeals to you the most and inspires you.

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