2 big reasons why some people find guitar “difficult”

There’s a few reasons why some people have difficulty learning the guitar.
Probably the biggest reason is they don’t have the right teacher.
And without the right teacher, the student doesn’t have the right system.
It all starts by having the big picture, and understanding how music
and guitar actually works.
When you understand how things work, you are naturally confident
about the whole process.
If you’re starting out and confused, and trying to put bits and
pieces of information together, well, it’s going to be much harder.
The second reason why people find guitar difficult is they give
up too soon. There is a natural learning curve to everything.
Imagine you’re trying to learn to ride a bicycle and you keep
falling down. You’re going to say “Riding a bike is hard.”.
But once you learn how to ride the bike and not fall, it’s
not hard at all! It’s fun! It’s effortless. (almost)… And
you really never forget.
Same thing with learning to play tennis or ski, or waterski.
Once you get the BASIC SKILL SET into your body,
the rest is pretty much downhill and increasingly rewarding.
The same goes for guitar playing. You learn the basic
chords and how to switch between them quickly
and easily, and the rest is a joyride.

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