Rhythm Guitar in the Style Jimi Hendrix

Rhythm Guitar in the Style Jimi Hendrix -- Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Rhythm Guitar in the Style Jimi Hendrix - Rhythm Guitar Lesson

How’s it going, guys?
This is John McClennan and
I’m here with guitarcontrol.com,
bringing you this video lesson.
Today we’re looking at sort of an
R&B school of rhythm playing,
a la Curtis Mayfield, Steve Cropper,
Jimi Hendrix, got the sliding fourths,
fifths sound in this lick.

The basic idea, I’m in the key of E,
and I’m starting on either a root
note or the fifth. The fifth
of E would be B. And then I just
harmonize that in fourths. So it
just turns out that I can just bar
both of these notes here and then
I slide it so I can create licks like this.

And then the other concept would be
coming — so that’s starting with
an E note on top. Or, I can put
the B on top. If I harmonize that
it’s going to look like this, one fret off,
as opposed to just being vertical
like this, one fret apart.

Here, look. I can drop that down the
octave and get some licks there, too.
So you might go… Or, you could go…
This last chord is an E there that
I’m just hammering into: 9, 9, 9.
And then I quick hammer into 11 there.
Just a great lick. You never know when
you’re just vamping. So see if you can
fit those into your rhythm playing;
use them over as many chords as possible.

Click the link below for the tab
and we’ll see you in the next lesson.
Thanks for watching.


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