How to Play Give me one reason by Tracy Chapman

In this free guitar lesson from Guitar Control instructor Jon MacLennan, you will Learn How to Play “Give me one reason” by Tracy Chapman. With step-by-step video instruction and free tabs to make it easy to get this classic under your belt in record time. Lets check out How to Play Give me one reason by Tracy Chapman.

Learn How to Play “Give me one reason” by Tracy Chapman

give me one reasonGive Me One Reason

Hey how’s it going guys? My name is Jon MacLennan and I’m here with BluesGuitarcom bringing you this video blog and we’re looking at a blues and the key of F sharp. It’s a great key for guitar to play a blues in and this has just a real great sound. This is Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman. It has a kind of country blues feel here start on the F sharp Barre chord here and we’re gonna begin by playing just a couple open E strings and then you put on the F sharp. What I’m doing is playing a bass note and then I’m kind of hitting just say the top three strings and after I play those high strings I mute the chord I just kind of choke it off so it just has a nice rhythmic pocket to it and it also makes me feel like there’s a bass player and a guitar player because it’s like two different kind of rhythms going on. Then the next two chords I’m playing here and I keep that same groove happening with the bass notes so that’s it I’m just using those three chords and then I apply that you know to the twelve bar blues and the great thing about this is the opening first minute or so of this song is just the electric guitar part; so you really get a solo there and it’s also a great practice track that you could just practice along with. All right be sure to click the link below for the tabs I’m Jon MacLennan and we’ll see in the next lesson, thanks for watching How to Play Give me one reason by Tracy Chapman.

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