How to Play “Tell me What´s the Reason” by T-Bone Walker on Guitar (Blues Guitar Lesson)

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In this free lesson from Guitar Control instructor Jon Maclennan, demonstrates how to play the classic blues song “Tell me What´s the Reason” by T-Bone Walker. Jon teaches how to play all the chord progressions, which a must-know tool for any blues guitar player. Once you learn this kind of chord arrangements you will be able to apply it on any blues song.

Jon makes this lesson Tell me What´s the Reason by T-Bone Walker so simple that even a beginner guitarist could play and have fun with it. We hope you get inspired to incorporate these ideas into your own playing.

Be sure to check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

Hey, how’s it going guys my name is John McLennan with, bringing you this video lesson called “Tell Me What’s the Reason” by T-bone Walker. The Intro here is tabbed out; check the image above to follow the chords and tabs. Our Intro is basically, using a lot of dominant 9th chords, and I remember watching a BB King interview, and he talked about the first time that he heard and learned a ninth chord from listening to T-Bone Walker, this intro really sort of exemplifies his playing.

We start out on an f sharp nine with my first finger on the eighth fret, these notes are nine, eight, nine, nine, nine, and then I take my pinky and reach up to the 11th fret and do a pull off, and then I play the second string, and that’s figure basically the little melody on top of the chord, as the chord is ringing out below. Then you move down a half step to f9 back up, and then you just hit this chord once, and then you arpeggiate an f7 sharp five or f7 augmented chord and that really nicely sets up the one chord being b flat because this is a blues in the key of b flat. So if we put it together here slowly, it comes in on the end of four, one, two, three, four, and then you’re into a b flat blues there, let’s try it together one more time.

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