Blind Willie Johnson -An American Singer And Guitarist

Blues guitarist “Blind” Willie Johnson (1897 – 1945) was an American singer and guitarist who, among musicians, is considered one of the greatest slide or bottleneck guitarists, as well as one of the most sacred individuals of depression-era gospel music. Johnson was not born blind, although how he lost his sight is unknown. His father would often leave him on street corners to sing for money, where his powerful voice left an unforgettable impression on passers-by. Blues guitarist Johnson made 30 commercial recordings for Columbia Records from 1927 to 1930, using a fast rhythmic picking style and slide guitar. His music is distinguished by his powerful bass thumb-picking and rough false-bass voice, with some use of a tenor voice.

Top 5 Songs

If I Had My Way I´d Tear The Building Down
Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground)
Trouble Will Soon Be Over
Mother´s Children Have A Hard Time
Jesus Is Coming Soon

Top 3 Albums

The Soul Of A Man
Dark Was The Night
Sweeter As The Years Go By


1957 His Story (Folkways Records)
1965 Blind Willie Johnson 1927-1930 (RBF Records)
1982 Let Your Light Shine On Me (Blues Documents)
1989 Praise God I’m Satisfied (Yazoo)
1990 Sweeter As The Years Go By (Yazoo)
1993 The Complete Blind Willie Johnson (Columbia, Legacy)
1998 Dark Was The Night (Columbia, Legacy)
2003 The Soul Of A Man (Universe)

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