Trash Metal Guitar Riffs with Down Picking Technique!

Hey guys, Here´s another cool lesson from Cameron! He is a very technical player who will help you to reach the shred zone… Hope you enjoy it!
  Rhythm Guitar Lesson – Thrash Metal Guitar Riffs with Down Picking Technique Hello. This is Cameron Rasmussen for Today I’m going to be talking about picking techniques. Now, as far as I’m concerned there’s five picking techniques that every guitar player should know. What those are — I’m going to be covering them in a few different videos — all downstroke picking for rhythm playing. Alternate picking for shredding and playing fast stuff and other riffs. Sweep picking for playing other arpeggios really fast. Economy picking, which is a very specific kind of picking for playing certain licks. And the last one would be legato picking. I’m going to cover all of these over a few different videos, but the one I’m going to show you today is all downstroke picking. We’re going to start simple. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Every stroke is a downstroke, but it sounds primitive, but it is hard to do and no matter what level you get, it can still be difficult to do for certain riffs. It is a good skill to have and practice every once in a while. It makes every riff that you play a lot heavier and makes it — just the way that it hits the strings, it’s a lot chunkier, it’s a lot heavier sounding and it has a little bit more scratch to it and metal factor. All right, guys, so I’m going to play two riffs for you today using the all-downstroke picking method. Now everyone has their own approach with their pick to the string, which could be a certain slant; it could have more of a flat attack to the string. It’s different for everybody. You might even hold the pick more angled towards yourself and then hitting the string that way. You can do whatever is comfortable for you, whatever works, but as long as you’re hitting every one with a downstroke. What I like to do for doing fast downstroke stuff is to kind of angle my pick towards the ground a little bit more and rest my hand right on the bridge of my guitar and then I find that I can still get the tone and then do it faster that way. The first riff I’m going to play, I hope you all know it. You should all know it, whatever style you play. The second riff I’m going to play is a riff that I made-up just off the cuff, right now, using the all downstroke method. So here we go. I’ll play it one more time. All right, guys, this was my first video on picking techniques that all guitar players should know. I’m going to cover others in different videos. If you would like to see the tab for this example or these two examples, please click the link in the video description and I’ll see you next time.

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