How To Play 3 Easy Metal Guitar Riffs With Tabs


I want to share with you a very easy metal guitar tabs. Buckle up because
you are about to learn some crazy stuff. Metal is such a huge genre that it is just basically very hard to define it or learn it in one lesson; there are just so many different types of metal out there. Well today I wanna show 3
progressive metal
/ metal core inspired licks that will absolutely change your perception and the way you feel about metal; I also hope they will inspire you a lot.

The first lick I wanna show you is just so groovy. For this one I suggest you to use a palm mute technique for all the open notes on the sixth string. I also suggest you to play all down strokes as it will make it way stronger. Let’s check it out:

This type of riff can totally go over a half time feel. What I personally imagine with this is a drummer smashing on a china cymbal and playing a fast half time feel on the kick and snare. It just sounds amazing. Eventually he could move from a half time to a double time feel and it will just sound like an explosion. Give it a try in your next rehearsal.

The next exercise reminds me of “The Dance of Eternity” by Dream Theater. There is a part at the end where John Petrucci is just doing some crazy stuff with the lower strings and well, this is inspired by that: The key to playing this right is to use alternate picking and know where your hand will land next. You have to already know that you will be moving your hand to the 10th fret even before you play it, it is very important.

Finally, for the last exercise I wanna show a very syncopated riff that will blow your mind: For this riff you could either palm mute the lower open 6th or just play it with an open sound. I do recommend playing all down strokes as it will sound crazy! This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our entire database of videos.

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