Common Tones – Jazz chord Voicings II

Hey guys, Here´s another cool jazz guitar lesson about chord voicings by Jon Maclennan! Hope you like it… And please don´t forget to check out the lastest DVD from Jon! FAST TRACK GUITAR SYSTEM

Hey, how’s it going guys. My name is John McClennan and I’m here with, bringing you this lesson on jazz chord voicings. Here’s the nice way to use, again, common tone, which is when you play a series of chords and you keep one note consistent between all those chords. It can be real nice for endings. This is one of the ways that I’ll end “‘Round Midnight”, a jazz standard, which is going to end on this tonic note, E flat. I play an A minor 7 flat 5 and then an A flat minor 7, G minor 7 sharp 5, G flat 13, B7 and then this is like an E major 7 over B and then finally ending here on a real mysterioso minor sounding chord. I dig that chord. That’s 6, 5, 7, 6. Again, this is one of those chords you might use on a tune like “‘Round Midnight” because it’s in a minor tonality rather than just ending on, say, a bland minor 7. You might choose a minor 6, which sounds a little bit more tonic minor, to me. This one is pretty hip, too. Once again, one more time. And be sure to click the link below for the tab for all these shapes. But A minor 7 flat 5, A flat minor 7, G minor 7 sharp 5, G flat 13 or F sharp 13, B7, E major 7 over B and then E flat minor/major 7 with B flat for the bass there. One more time. All right, thanks for watching and be sure to get the tab below. We’ll see you later.

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