Win an Ibanez Artcore Jazz Guitar

I’m REALLY excited about the release of Real Easy Jazz Guitar.

For now, check out this video of me playing “Autumn Leaves”
(which you’ll learn inside the course)… and find out more
about how you can win this BEAUTIFUL guitar.

Hey, it’s Claude Johnson here. I’ve got two pieces
of news for you. First of all, we’re coming out with
a brand new jazz guitar product and I think it’s
going to be one of the greatest guitar learning
courses in the world. So I’ll give you more details
soon and let you know why I think it’s going to be
really good for you to — really easy to learn
jazz guitar.

And the second thing is I’m giving away this
beautiful Ibanez Artcore Jazz Guitar to one of
the first people that order. So you’ve got to be
quick to order, but hey, it could be you. So stay
tuned and I’ll give you more details about the
course and also about how to win the free guitar.
So stay tuned.

How to play your favorite songs from the 60's & 70's on the guitar


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