The Real Easy Jazz Guitar Course is Available October 6th!

Hey guitarists!

Claude here…

Course includes:

3 Full Length DVDs…
A Huge Physical Black Book of Jazz Standards (over 230)
Plus, Clay’s Real Easy Jazz Guidebook

Check out out this sample clip:

The next song that we’re going to undertake is
“Here’s That Rainy Day” and this is a beautiful song.

It’s often played as a ballad, sometimes it’s played
as a bossa nova. This affords us another opportunity
to do a chord melody, because this song just lays-out
really nicely for chord melody and it’s a fairly easy
one to learn.

Our first chord in this song is a G-major chord and
our first melody note is a D. That happens to lay really
nicely with this position of your G-major chord and G-major key.

Now, you’ll notice the next section; right away, you
still have a D melody note, but your chord is B-flat-7.

All right?

So we know from our very first lessons that B-flat-7
indicates that we’re moving into another key. That B-flat-7
is the five chord of the key of E-flat.

It’s straight over here to E-flat.

And then your next chord is A-flat-major-7.

Hi, this is Claude Johnson and you just got done watching
some sample clips of the “Real Easy Jazz Guitar Course”.

It’s going to be an awesome course.

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