How to Play a Bsus add9 Chord

Hey, it’s Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I did a video on this chord which I said was a minor 11 chord and a lot of people or a couple people wrote to me and said hey plot isn’t that like a 7 suspended chord so yes and no.

Bsus add9 chord lesson

How to Play a Bsus add9 Chord

First of all I probably couldn’t be more precise on this chord although this is the 11th up from the root there is no minor 3rd in it so probably shouldn’t call it a minor 11 I’m usually pretty accurate with my chord naming so I apologize for that however if you look at it like a chord like this voicing which could be a lot of people would say that’s a minor 11 but even that technically 11 core should contain the 9th as well so you can get really nitpicky with all these different things for example this voice saying to me a lot of people would use that for a minor 11th shape or you can call us the sauce refers to the 4th degree and the 11th is just an active up from that so these are all very cool sounds and you could call the different names I’m actually going to do another video coming up in a little while about a particular boy the chord voicing that has a bunch of different names.

For today what I’m going to do we’re going to scan this shape you can call it a 11 no 3rd if you call it a 7 sauce chord I’m going to add my pinky though and get this shape now you see this one I would call I would call this like a B suspended add 9 because we don’t have our 7th anymore it goes up to the octave and up to the 9th so there’s a difference between the nine and the add nine as well I’m sure if I call that a nine chord some people would say hey Claude you’re not naming that correctly so anyway I appreciate the comments we always want to name our chords accurately and again I apologize for that hope you won’t think any less of me or in the upcoming port mastery course right but we like pretty much name things correctly anyway try that quarter that’s a very thick voicing and again it’s just like minor 7 chord but where sometimes we have to switch fingers right so if I was going to play A minor 7th chord I’ll usually use my ring finger I’m going to switch my middle finger. So I haven’t really done a lot of experimenting with what chords you can the buy that with but it’s a very cool sound I’m sure you can come up with it’s a cool stuff but I wanted to do this video I set the record straight to give you another chord to play around with and also to let you know about core mastery for point out it’s only going to be one dollar I’m going to be teaching a bunch of different stuff a lot of really cool stuff. We’re also going to have another mini quarters in there from Jimmy Dillon and brand-new stuff and of course everything that we’ve done up down the previous year’s record mastery so hope you enjoy it stay tuned I’m going to talk to you real soon thanks for watching

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