Nail Your 16th Note Rhythm Chops on Guitar

The Ultimate 16th Note Guitar Practice Video

16th notes are a staple of funk, folk, rock, pop, metal, and plenty of other genres of music, so it’s important to spend some time working on ehm to make sure you have rock solid rhythm when you play your favourite songs. In this lesson you’re going to learn a simple foundational exercise along with several variations that will help you nail all of your 16th note rhythms!

Make sure to download the TABs to follow along and make sure you’ve got a guitar in your lap, as there will be plenty of opportunities to play along. Not only will there be work on rhythms, but also some tips on left hand muting and developing speed in your alternate picking. So get ready for a rhythmic ride, and remember to keep on ripping it up!

If you want to get better at lead guitar, let me recommend you Claude Johnson’s Supercharged Soloing Made Simple  

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