Easy Lesson On Guitar Chords Beginners Need to Know

Everyone needs to start somewhere and Guitar Control founder and instructor Claude Johnson is here to help. Check out this Cool Lesson For Beginners on Must Know Guitar Chords with free chord chart.

Cool Lesson For Beginners on Must Know Guitar Chords


Hey how’s it going? It’s Claude Johnson here with GuitarControl.com and I want to show you guys a couple basic chords that you can use for playing blues and rock. They’ll come in really handy for learning different songs from your favorite artists and also creating your own stuff.

Must Know Guitar Chords

So first of all we’ve got the basic power chord, real simple by the humblest loneliest of the chords. All I’m doing here is 7th fret on the A string and the 9th fret on the D string, two movable shape, you can easily combine this with pentatonic riffs. Another chord is the seventh chord or Dominant 7, so check out my videos of Barre chords, but you could obviously riff out that or this now. Here’s a voice thing you might not know, but it’s very important, so again this is a seventh chord, but we’re playing root, third, seventh and no fifth. So that’s ring finger of the seventh fret of the A string and it syncs with the middle finger seventh with a pinky and shift with the first finger. So that’s very useful if you’re playing from the one to the four.

Let’s say you just want to play these three, that’s always good to for blues, go to the fifth. All right now that is the same thing that I can figure it like this and then I can hang my pinky and I’ve got a nine chord. So you can check the tabs for all these chords, but this is another one too, it’s a great one to use when you’re going for the one of the four.

Now keeping that same position I’m going to raise my pinky up one, now I’ve got a sharp 9, in case we went from seventh, tonight it’s a sharp and this is like the Jimi Hendrix chord as it’s called, used in songs like Purple Haze and Foxy Lady, so those are all great chords. Now what you can do also is you can flag down and bar the top so you got another version of the 9th chord. You can put your pinky up here so you’ve got 13th chords that are a good one to use, so you can use those in blues and let’s see what else you could use a sharp 5. This is one of my favorite chords, so for example I’m thumbing the low E string and then I’ve got 3rd fret, skip a string, then we got middle finger on the 3rd ring finger in the fourth fret and the fourth.

All right other chords you can use, let’s say let’s go back to the key of B and put your do your normal dominant 7, put your pinkie on the B string and you’ve got a 13th chord which sounds complicated but remember 13 is the same as the sixth because there’s only seven notes, so 13 is another good one to know.


That’s all for today. Thanks for watching Cool Lesson For Beginners on Must Know Guitar Chords. Be sure to get the free tabs for this lesson and have a great day.

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