How to Play Skinny Love by Birdy

Check out this free lesson on How to Play Skinny Love by Birdy. Be sure to get the song chart to go along with this easy acoustic guitar lesson.

How to Play Skinny Love by Birdy - Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to Play Skinny Love by Birdy - Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Hi everyone, my name is Paige Zollars. I’m here with and today’s video is on Skinny Love. So to start this song it has a verse part and a chorus part.

Skinny Love Verse

So to start with the verse the first chord is A minor and then it goes to C major and so it goes from A minor to C major and A minor C major A minor C major and then it switches to G and then goes back to it. So that is how the verse goes so it goes, that’s A minor and then it just does that whole thing one more time and then that makes up the verse. So to play that again starting on A, you’re going to see it stays on C a lot longer than it is on A minor. So that is the verse, very slowly and it really just stays that way for all of the verses so that’s the verse.

Skinny Love Chorus

Now moving along to the chorus. The chorus chords are G and then F and those are the three chorus chords. So G and it’s pretty much the same rhythm pattern, so again on both the verse and chorus actually stay on C a lot longer than the other chords. So for the chorus, it goes slower and then once you finish and you just go back to A minor and start the verse again.


So that is all skinny love. It’s a very fun song to play; it’s pretty simple as you can see. Just play around with all the rhythms and switching the chords because it stays on the chord so long you could even try and add a little solo or something extra to spice it up a little bit. So to find more information about this song click on the description below the description box for this video and it’ll take you right to it. So thank you so much for watching and have fun playing this song.

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