How to Play Bass Guitar Lick With Groove

Welcome back. Today I wanna show you one of the coolest bass guitar licks I have ever played on guitar! What I’m about to share with you is a slap inspired groove. Bass players love jamming to this, specially when they are going wild. Now, you are not exactly going to slap your guitar, because I personally think it sounds better without it; just using a pick and your fingers. To start off let’s just practice the very basic idea of this exercise and from there we will add more notes: bass-guitar-licks_1.png As you can see I have specified the fingering for the left hand on top of the tab. For the right hand, use the pick to play the notes on the 6th string (downward pick) and either use your middle or ring finger for the notes on the 4th string. This almost feels like a disco groove right? That’s because octaves were very used in that genre as well as funk in general. Now let’s add some movement, let’s bring the hammeron technique to the table: bass-guitar-licks_2.png It’s starting to sound a bit more interesting right? Let’s keep adding movement to this thing. We are going to end up with something like this? bass-guitar-licks_3.png Complicated huh? Well it’s very simple. The only thing I would tell you is that the 3rd note of every beat should be hammeredon or “tapped” with the left hand; that’s the only tricky part. This exercise sounds amazing when played at the right speed which is 150bpm. Here are some tips to practice it: ● Start off very slow and using a metronome. ● For any note that has an “H” behind it, “Tap” it really hard so you can actually hear it. ● Maintain the same the same fingering I showed you at the beginning of this article. ● When using the pick, always hit the string down. It’ll be easier. That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this mini lesson. Please remember to check out more material at:

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