How to Play a Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Guitar Lesson


Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Lesson

Today guitar instructor Robert Baker brings ua s Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar lesson, focusing on that southern swing that they made so famous. Robert is gonna show us one of their most popular riffs that highlights this technique, though many of their songs and other riffs they have also showcase it. The riff Robert is focusing today is from their song, Gimme Three Steps.

Step 1: Breaking Down Gimme Three Steps

In this Lynard Skynard guitar lesson we are going to be breaking apart their very famous Gimme Three Steps riff, it’s a very groovy, cool riff. We are going to focus on the rhythm guitar that is happening and slowing it down. This riff starts with a double stop on the 7th fret 4th and 3rd strings with our pointer finger. We are going to play this double stop twice and you can tell at the 6:06 mark that Robert is kind of bouncing in between them but using his picking hand to mute in between the two double stops. He does this instead of letting the chords ring out the whole time. It creates a totally different feel. Then he is going to use his ring finger to play the 9th fret 5th string. Then right back to the double stop on the 7th fret 4th and 3rd string and play this twice.

Then back to the 5th string 9th fret and then back to the 7th fret 4th and 3d string one more time, creating this hopping back and forth motion. Then you’re going to go to the 7th fret to the 9th fret on the 5th string then one more double stop on the 7th fret 4th and 3rd strings and then one more time on the 5th string picking the 7th to 9th frets.

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Step 2: Shifting Positions

Then we shift all the way down towards the headstock and are basically doing an A chord. So now we have the same overall rhythm but we are altering how we play it a little bit. So now the double stop is played with your pointer on the 4th and 3rd strings 2nd fret and then pivot note is 5th string 4th fret. So pick the double stop twice, then go to the 5th string 4th fret, back to the double stop twice, and then back to the 5th string 4th fret and then one more double stop.

Then with your middle finger pick the 5th string 3rd fret and with your ring finger pick the 5th string 4th fret. Then back to the double stop. Then pick the 5th string 2nd to 4th fret and then pick the open 5th string. And then right back to the first part! So that last picking line all on the 5th string, 4th fret to 2nd to open, is kind of used as a turn around to take you back to riff one!

Step 3: The Song Structure

So now that we have learned both parts, we learned that we start with our double stop on the 7th fret 4th and 3rd strings and then move the same entire riff played in a different postions, now having the double stop on the 2nd fret 4th and 3rd strings, then we go back to the double stop focused on the 7th fret and then back to the 2nd fret!

Then Robert strums the A chord three times, then picks the 6th string open and then places his pointer on the 2nd fret 6th string. Then you go up to the 7th fret 5th string and 9th fret 4th string to play a D5 power chord. Stumr it twice, then pause and then strum it three more times and then straight into the second part of this song, but we are not covering that part in today’s lesson.

Recap: Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitar Lesson

I hope you enjoyed Roberts Lynard Skynard guitar lesson! Learning how to play that famous southern swing from the main riff of their popular song, Gimme Three Steps. Be sure to really take into perspective what’s happening here. Seeing that basically using these double stops is almost using a power chord. It’s like using the higher voicing of it, what strings and frets you would typically you would be holding down with your ring and pinky fingers, you are now holding down with one finger and omitting the root note you would usually be holding down with your pointer finger. So just cutting out your lower root.

If you ever want that Lynyrd Skynyrd sound, just copy this technique! By omitting the lower root you are getting a little more treble and that double stop sound and just get that Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe instantly. You can also hear this in Sweet Home Alabama and many more of their classic hits! Be sure to pay attention to detail, and of course, as always, have fun!

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