“Twist And Shout” By The Beatles Using Simple Chords

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Song number four, Twist and Shout in the key of G coming your way. Originally done by, well written by this guy Bert Bern’s I think was his name, is a unsung hero. The Isley Brothers I think got the first hit with it then later the Beatles covered it and I think Springsteen does a great version of it as well. I’ve written the version I’m doing here is just acoustic guitar, simple G, C and D and an easy strum.

Twist and Shout

Now you notice that I’m doing that full C, which is you put your third finger on the third fret of the low E string and your pinkies tucks in right under it on the G string third fret; you get a nice full sound. I think that’s important when you’re playing acoustic if you’re just accompanying yourself or even with a friend, you know playing an acoustic version of these classical rock and roll songs.  

Okay so there’s a there’s a great three-chord wonder that doesn’t take a whole lot of anything other than just having a rhythm thing. You got to get into though to make it feel happy. There’s a little part in the song if you listen to the original before it goes to the five chord. Now I want to say something about that five you’re doing. Let’s say you’re at a party right, you got everybody singing along with you, and by the way is a great campfire/party song, if you’re on that D chord you get everybody to sing it with you, go to D7 at the end, simply move your index finger to the first fret of the B string and then your third finger on the second fret of the high E so that what that does is it sort of takes you to the end of the little section, it has a little kind of pizzazz to it.


I get into depths with all these types of songs in my acoustic products. So you want to come back and see me Jimmy Dylan, I’m out here doing my thing and I hope you enjoy that Twist and Shout, it’s a great old classic song.

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