How to Play Chords on Acoustic Guitar | Video Lesson

Check out this lesson from Jimmy Dillon:

In this lesson, you’ll learn some “acoustic secret sauce”…
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Stills was doing his version of “It Takes a Lot to Laugh,
It Takes Train to Cry” which is Bob Dylan’s song. It’s usually…

Well, when that album came out I’m hearing this song and I’m
like that’s the Dylan song? I mean, how many people have
reimagined Bob Dylan songs? A lot of people have. But his
thing went… That’s a bar G, but then you’ve got to put
your thumb over it and let that G string ring out. Now,
take that same chord, this is some secret sauce here, so
listen up. Take that same chord and go back to an F position.
Isn’t that a cool sound? I love that and I’ve used this both
on electric and acoustic, but especially acoustic. Yodel.

So when you slide back and forth from a 1 to a 7 in a G
and you’ve got that open tune with your thumb over the
top, you get that… It really moves, doesn’t it? Of
course he did a whole different arrangement to it.

You can also do the same thing, and there are many
ways to do this, if you move it up to a C you get
kind of an interesting Towns end — a Tommy kind of
sound. A little Keith there. A big sound. Even though
it’s an acoustic guitar it’s got a big sound to it.
I even do a — if you want to approach it in a funny
kind of — we were talking about reimagining songs
in an acoustic way. Of course that’s the famous,
“It’s Getting Better All the Time” by the Beatles.

It’s kind of cool to hear what that open G can do. It’s
just a C position. It’s a little bit of a stretch. You’ve
got to get your thumb up over the top. There’s no way —
some of these chords there’s no way that I know of to do
without getting that big thumb over the top. We were
talking about classical training and how that all works.

But I want to continue on. I’m going to play
another song for you.


Lesson on Deep Jam Guitar

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