How to Play One String Guitar Lick with Legato Technique

hey Friend,

Got some bad news and some good news.

Before I get to that, let me hook
you up with today’s lesson.

The last one I posted
was geared toward beginners
so this one today is a bit
more advanced.

It’s from Alejandra, and
she will show you how to
“slip and slide” using
the legato technique.

You can create some epic
lead lines just using
one string.


Now, I want to say a few words about
our new DVD coming next week.

Its called “Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets” and
its from a real Reggae legend – Steve Golding,
who worked with Peter Tosh, toured with Bob Marley,
taught guitar to Ziggy Marley, and is currently
on the road with Israel Vibration.

Like I said, there’s some good news and bad news with this DVD product.

You see, it was kind of filmed in hurry. I was
planning to actually film another guitarist,
a real good shredder from Berklee.

I had already booked the studio, the film crew,
the engineer… and he called me like 2 days
before the date and said “I’m not ready to film”.


But luckily, I had been emailing back and forth with Steve’s
manager and it just so happened that Steve had an extra
day between shows in New York…

So he was able to take a train up to Boston.

Frankly, the parking situation sucks in Boston.
I guess that is true of a lot of big cities.

There was NOWHERE to park when I tried to pick
Steve up at the train station…and he hadn’t quite arrived yet.
To make matters worse, I really had to pee. 😀

So it was definitely a situation of pure chaos, but
somehow we got through it.

Here’s the point: It was very impromptu, and
Steve did not have 3 hours of material, which
I usually like to get for a DVD series.

So that’s the bad news: It’s only going to
be a single DVD. However, its 80 jam-packed
minutes of some real killer instruction.

The good news, is that because its only a single
DVD, not the usual triple DVD, it will be priced
a lot lower than most of our courses.

And more good news: Because I feel like I’m
not delivering the major major content like
I usually do, I’m going to make up for it
by giving you some additional DVDs, so it
will be a “buy one, get one free” dealio
when we launch.

…which btw happens next Wednesday, in 9 days
from now.

So stay tuned!

Claude Johnson


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