James Burton style and the big fat chicken pickin secret


Hey, how’s it going this is Jon Mclennan with Guitar Control, we’re going to look at a little bit of James Burton style then I’m going to go into the solo. So if I play it slowly it sounds like this, that’s all happening over the one chord and then we  go up higher, we’re going to go 9, 11, and we’re going to jump all the way up to the 7th fret 17th fret to our next part. So let me recap from the beginning we’ve got way up and what this does is descend pentatonic 17, 14, 17.



Now here’s your that’s your pedal steel licks like what we were talking about earlier right so now we’re seeing it in context in a real solo you make sure you’re holding that 17th fret down with your third finger and then you bend with your second finger up a whole step so this brings us to the next topic which is basically “chicken pickin” and that’s what you do if I pretend that my finger is on A- string what I’m doing is I’m resting my middle finger on the string and I’m plucking the string like this and it’s just getting a big dead sound and then immediately after I pull with the finger so it’s a pluck and then a pull like this and what that does is it gets you like this kind of sound like. So when I’m doing this I’m actually doing  this on the lick, I’m using two fingers so I’m muting this one string and then this fingers on the string underneath somebody pluck dead and then pulling both of them so it’s like this it has that awesome kind of chicken thing going.

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