The Big Twang theory and other scientific guitarness


You’ve heard of the “big bang” theory
of physics.

Now comes Jillon Dillon’s “big twang” theory.

Actually, you’re gonna have to wait a bit
to discover the exact magic behind this

Don’t worry, its all good… cause next week the
Jimmy Dillon train sails ship with some
sample video clips I’ll be releasing.

Here’s some other guitar theories that I
came up with:

1. The 1-2-3 Fastest, Easiest way to
play guitar theory.

This says that the fastest way to
get started on the guitar is to first
learn basic chords, then chord progressions,
then songs.

I go deep into this in the Ultimate Beginner
Guitar course. (

2. Here’s another theory: The 3 components
of killer guitar control secrets.

This one gives the 3 part formula to lead guitar
excellence: a) Technique b) Fretboard knowledge
and c) the brain to hand connection.

To learn more about this, check out Killer Guitar
Control Secrets (

3. Another theory is my “play the standards stupid” (LOL)
no-nonsense approach to jazz guitar. A lot of people
get confused by jazz guitar because it can get
so complicated.

However, you can play nice jazz just by playing
standards with basic chords and melodies.

Check out to learn more.

I could go on with more theories, but I think that’s
enough for today.

Oh, ok, one more:

This is the theory of:

Syngergy of Learning from Multiple Masters

This is very powerful. I think its why Lead Guitar Gurus
is going to be such an awesome site to learn sick
lead guitar chops.

We are talking 9 teachers!

This new site should be ready this week.

Check out a few sample videos:

And get ready to totally rock out later this week.



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