The “James Brown” Chord

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Hi Friend,

Here is a chord that every guitar player should know.

It’s a chord thats VERY common in funk music.
Personally, I like to call it the “James Brown”
chord as it typifies that style.

In an upcoming video lesson, I’ll show you
the exact method you need to get your hair
to look like James Brown’s and how to tweak
your inner mojo so you can be the next
godfather of funk and soul.

Ok, maybe not lol…

However, I WILL give you a video lesson
soon on the strum pattern you need (and
a few other tricks) to easily
create the funk rhythm sound with your

For today, let me just show you the chord.

It’s basically a Dom9 chord without the

Just check out my latest blog post
for the chord diagram and a bit
of theory behind the chord.


I don’t know if I thanked you
lately for being on my list,
but I really appreciate it
and I’m going to take it
to the next level soon
and give you even more fun
and informative guitar goodies.

Your dedicated guitar instructor,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Guitar raffle still going
for a few more days. I’ll be drawing
a winner live next week. Check it out!


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