What’s even cooler than strumming some sweet chords?

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hi Friend,

If you’re a fan of the Big Lebowski like me,
you’ll appreciate the fact I plan to do
some bowling today…hehe

Now please grab your guitar… cause
I got a cool lesson for you.

It’s from Jimmy Dillon’s new course
“Modern Acoustic Guitar”, which by the way
is available THIS Wednesday.

3 DVDs with tabs baby!

If you’re tired of “just strumming chords”,
then today’s lesson is just what you need
to take your playing to the next level.

It’s a really simple move you can
do on chords like E minor, but it
sounds phantastic.

Here’s the lesson:


I’m gonna send you another video lesson tomorrow
where we’ll check out some of the moves of
the old masters like Pete Townshend and Bob Dylan.

Love this stuff!

I know you’re maybe asking why we’re
looking at the older generation of players
when this is supposed to be “Modern” Acoustic Guitar…

Fair question…

I guess its just “good influences”
and “powerful roots”. Jimmy
shows how it all ties together.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the lesson, stay
tuned for tomorrow’s email…

And please mark your calendar for
this Wednesday the 24th! It all goes down at
3 PM EST. That’s 2 PM Central, 1 PM Mountain and Noon Pacific Time.

Have a really great weekend!

Claude Johnson

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