How to Play An A9sus4 Chord


I got a fever.

And the only prescription…


If that made no sense, then
maybe you haven’t seen the classic

I posted it on my blog for you:

I think its great, because I happen
to be a big fan of Christopher Walken.

I also happen to be a fan of Blue Oyster Cult,
one of the premier bands that came out of
the 1960s.

Did you know that they sold over 14 million
albums worldwide?

Woah… That makes them legends for sure!

Ok, ok, you are probably saying, “That’s
great Claude. Now show me something on the guitar.”

Alrighty… no prob.

Let me see here… Do you know how to play an
A9sus4 chord?

I’ll show you a 9sus4 voicing that you can move
up and down the fretboard (on any fret).


Here’s a few things you can with this:

1. Move it around the fretboard to get other chords
like B9sus4, G9sus4, etc

2. See if you can try finding some chords to play
with this. (A major works great). Also you can
combine other 9sus4 chords in a progression. But use
your ear and try to find other cool combinations.

3. Try “transposing” the chord to the middle 4 strings
or the bottom 4 strings.

4. Try just moving the shape to other strings and figure
out what chords they are.

5. Try sliding around the chord while playing the open A
string. What voicings sound good? Can you figure out
what the chord names are?

This is not just some random chord, it’s actually used
in that song “Dont Fear the Reaper”.

Nah, just kidding.

But it is used in some classic jazz standards.
If you haven’t explored jazz guitar yet, check this out:

Alrighty, enjoy the weekend.

And if you need a laugh, don’t forget to watch this:

Feel free to surf around my blog – there’s other cool
things there too.

Rock on,
Claude Johnson.

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