top ten truths about the tapping technique from Tony

Hi Friend,

Just a few hours left before the
launch dealio is over for Tony Keck’s
“Touch Guitar Secrets.”

It’s the new course teaching you how to tap.

It might not be for everyone, but
here’s 10 interesting reasons you
should probably snag a copy today:

10. This stuff is eaiser than it looks.

9. It will greatly expand your guitar knowledge.

8. It comes with 189 pages of tabs – plenty
of stuff to keep you entertained for months.

7. You don’t need any drummers, bassists, or
other musicians to perform this stuff.

6. You can impress the heck out of your friends.

5. You can join the masters when you learn some
incredible guitar pieces like “Sleepwalk”.

4. Learning a new style is fun. You’ll feel like
you just slayed a huge mutant dragon named “Zoltan” 🙂

3. Like all our DVDs, it comes with a 365 day
gah-raun-tee… So if you don’t love it, you
don’t have to keep it.

2. The special launch dealio with phree shipping
is ending in a few hours.

And the #1 reason you should grab Tony’s guitar
course right now is…

1. You only live once.

Seriously, why NOT get a new guitar course today.
You can never learn too much. Carpe diem baby…

Go for it.

Have a great week… I’ll have a big announcement
shortly. Not about a guitar course – something else. 🙂
You’ll see soon.

Rock on,


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