How to Play Reggae Rhythms on Acoustic Guitar

Hey guys, In today’s video you’ll learn the “darker side” – the minor key of Reggae. To me its just as beautiful as the major sound. Just get ready to learn a killer simple chord progression and strumming pattern plus some other hot tips. You can get the complete DVDs with tabs on April 24th. That’s in 2 short weeks! Stay tuned! I want you guys to get familiar with all up and down the neck, playing these different voicings. This is what makes it interesting rhythmically. We’re talking about rhythm guitar right now; we’re not not so much into lead. By the way, I think rhythm guitar is the most important thing about playing guitar, is playing good rhythm. Because if your rhythm sucks, you suck. Talk to anybody that plays in a band, they want a good rhythm player. They don’t want a guy that just plays a lot of notes. So if you’ve got that great rhythm that makes people get up and dance and feel the music… You’re going to work. The phone is going to ring, as my good friend Michael Peloquin says. And you want the phone to ring.

12 Fun and Easy Reggae Strumming to Play

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