Reggae Rhythm Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys,

Do you like reggae music, reggae guitar?

Check out this cool guitar lesson by Steve Golding!

He has played with Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, so I hope you enjoy it!

Hi, welcome to Guitar Control world. My name is Steve Golding.
I’m a rhythm guitarist. I play reggae music. I’ve had the
privilege of working with Peter Tosh, with the I Threes when
they did that famous tour with Bob Marley back in 1980 and I’m
currently on the road with Israel Vibration. What I do is the
rhythm guitar in reggae music.

In this course we are going to show you some
of how that rhythm evolved and how I play the
reggae rhythm. I hope you will learn a lot.

The sequence we’ll be using, we’ll start on the 4th,
which is a C, then to 1, which is the G, and then
to 5, which is the D. So the progression we’ll be
working with goes something like this.

So the reggae strum came from an earlier time.
Our pop music was called mento. So that same
progression played with a mento strum would
sounds something like this. No picks, just
the fingers.

So then, after the mento our popular music was called ska,
and ska strum would go something like this. Ska, and I’ll
elaborate on the different styles later on, became the
rocksteady. And the rocksteady strum is what has persisted
til this day and is now called reggae strum with some
variations that I will show you a little later on.
So the ska became rocksteady, which sounds like this.