Here’s an advanced way to play chords

hey Friend,

Yes i’m home, almost ready to give
you more lessons. To be honest,
my allergies have been killin me
the last few days, so I’m not
quite ready to jump back in front
of the camera.

But not to fear, I have a great
team of instructors that help
me out to give you sweet lessons
and entertainment.

Today’s is somewhat advanced,
but hopefully you’ll get some
interesting ideas from it.


If you’re more of a beginner, please check out


Yep, we got it all from beginner to advanced,
from rock to blues, metal, jazz, and now:


Which personally I love.

I think I first heard the song “Buffalo Soldier”
at summer camp when I was 9 years old, and
thought “hey this sounds really cool”…

And later, a good buddy of mine was a real
reggae-head 😀 and turned me onto all
kinds of artists.

Reggae music really is an incredible artform.

That’s why I’m psyched to release our
first ever Reggae guitar DVD:

Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets, by Steve Golding,
straight from Jamaica.

Lotta Mercy…

It comes out this Wednesday
at 3 PM EST.

The price will be low. You’ll get a bonus course too.
No reason not to get this one 🙂

Stay tuned to the emails for more info shortly!

Claude Johnson

P.S. If you’ve always wanted to play classical,
today is the last day for the classical promo:


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