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Hey guys. Check out this Guitar Lesson for No Woman no Cry by Bob Marley from Guitar Control instructor and founder Claude Johnson. If you really want to dig into Reggae then click the link for Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets. This Reggae course is taught by a living legend of the Genre and will take you to a new level with your guitar.


Reggae Guitar Lesson – How to Play No Woman no Cry by Bob Marley

Hey, guys. It’s Claude Johnson here from
I hope you’re doing well today.

You know, tomorrow is a special day because we’re
releasing our first ever reggae guitar course.
It’s called Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets and it’s
from Steve Golding who is a Jamaican legend, in my
opinion. He’s toured with Bob Marley, played with
Peter Tosh and because we’re in the reggae theme,
I thought I’d take a minute to show you one of my
favorite Bob tunes. It’s called “No Woman No Cry”.

Before I jump right in, let me just give you the link
for tomorrow’s release. It’s
So go ahead and check that out. Let’s just jump right
into the lesson now.

We’ll start with the verse and we’ve just got some real
basic chords here. We’ve got a C, G, A minor and F. These
are all pretty much basic, open position chords. If you’re
not familiar with that, please check out my beginner course.
It’s at But basically it’s just
open chords. A minor and then your F. You can either do this
one where I’m barring the first two strings with this finger,
playing four strings. Or you can do a full major barre chord
with six strings.

The strum is going to be like — it’s just like a four-count
strum. Actually, I’m doing it with a little pick-up before
I go from the C to the G. Now, when I go from the A minor
to the F, I’m actually going a full beat ahead. So the best
way to explain this is if I were to count like four beats
per chord it would be like: one, two, three, four; one, two,
three, four; one, two, three, four. So on that A minor, when
I land on the four I actually switch chords and then play
another full bar of F. So once again: one, two, three, four;
one, two, three, four; one, two, three, four. If you want
to add the lyrics… That’s basically the whole verse.
It just keeps repeating.

Now, the chorus, it’s the same thing except you’re going
to add C, F, C at the end. So… And then G. You can add
that little melodic line. So we have… I’ll show you that
in a second. But just to show you how it fits together
with the chorus, it’s like… Okay?

What we’re doing here — so I’ve got G on the low E
string 3rd fret, and then I have open A string, 2nd
fret A string and then back to the G. Okay? What I do
is I strum it and go into that little lick. So once
again, C, F, C, G and then right back to the C, G, A
minor, F. So that’s pretty much it.

All right, so I hope you enjoyed that lesson and remember,
just go to because tomorrow we’re
releasing Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets with Steve Golding.
It’s going to be an awesome course. So check it out, and I’ll catch you next time.

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