Reggae Chord Variations

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In today’s lesson, Steve Golding shows us some
essential chord variations… You can use these
not only in reggae styles, but any of your own
songs too…

this is a sample from his course: Reggae Roots Guitar Secrets,
which comes out on May29th — that’s in 2 weeks!

Enjoy 🙂

Now, depending on the particular progress that you are playing,
you can add some variation. In a lot of instances we add the
6th note. So we are in the key of G. On the G chord you would
sometimes add an E. On the C chord, the 6th note would be an A.
You sometimes add that note. On the five, you usually add the
7th. So on the D, the 7th note, the dominant 7th, would be a C.
So the progression could sound like this.

So still working in the key of G, only this time we are moving
from the 5th, which is a D, to an E minor. We are going to also
change inversions. So we’d be playing this D as well as this D.
We are playing this D, as well as this D. We’ll be playing E
minor here, which is like a G6th. G with the 6th added. So we’re
playing this E minor, as well as this E minor. This is to show
you some of the variations that can happen when a minor chord is
in the progression as well. So I’m moving from D to an E minor.

So the variation on the D chord is adding the 6th note, which
is a B and on the E minor chord it is adding the 7th note,
which is a D. So you get that sound. So you hear…