Video Lesson on How To Tune Your Guitar | Open G Tuning

Hey, guys, this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, we’re talking about open tuning. The big message that I have for you is don’t be afraid of alternate tuning. They’re not going to take away from learning standard tuning.

how to tune your guitar - open G tuning

I used to believe that there is so much to learn in standard tuning that I don’t want to mess with alternate tuning. But the reality is that you can get into an alternate tuning for a song or two. It’s really simple stuff and it doesn’t take away from anything you’re doing. You don’t have to spend a
lot of time on it. It’s just another tool to be able to use and I’ll show you that in just a second.

First, I’ve already tuned to open G using this tuner. We’ve got an alien or batman tuner free for a limited time. Just go to You do have to pay the shipping for it, but it’s yours while supplies last

To get into open G, what you’re going to do, take your low E-string, tune it down to a D. Take your A-string, tune it down a full step to a G. Leave the other three strings, D, G, B and then tune the high E down to a B. You can play stuff like “Bad to the Bone”. You can play that in standard tuning, but if you accidentally hit one of the other strings in G it’s going to sound part of that chord. It’s just going to make things ring a lot better.

Also, notice that that’s a Guitar chord. You can bar just one finger and you’ve got another major chord. There’s a I IV progression. There are a lot of other tricks in open tuning, but these are just like the basics, so I, IV, V blues. Very simple. You can do a lot of cool stuff. Feel free to experiment with new sounds. It’s a cool thing.

That’s all I’ve got for you for now. I’ll talk to you next time. We’ll get more lessons for you. Once again, check-out to get your Alien or Batman tuner and we’ll catch you on the flip side. Don’ forget to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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