Easy George Thorogood Bad To The Bone Riff

Killer Beginner Guitar lesson

Here´s another cool guitar lesson for beginners on the “Bad To The Bone” guitar riff. Claude has altered the riff so that you can play it without a slide.

Follow along with the provided tabs and you will be rockin’ and rollin’ in record time.

Hey, how’s it going, this is Claude Johnson with Guitar Control, I’m going to talk about George terrific style with this song “Bad to the Bone”.

Bad To The Bone guitar riff tabs
Bad To The Bone guitar riff tabs

I’m going to be teaching this song in more detail by upcoming Guitar Song Collection 3 Volume 3 Course, but I just want to talk about a concept today, this song is actually played in an alternate tuning with the guitar which means instead of the normal pitches of E, A, D, G, B, and E, we’re actually re tuning the guitar so when you strum it, it’s like a G chord.

Now I want to talk about that in just a second, let me show you that you can just play this actually sort of play it on the two middle strings. You won’t get the full sound but you could do this, let me just turn the distortion here so you get a little bit more of the feel of it here and it’s really just about the texture it’s so simple just that one riff right no one the day I was bald this is all getting around okay so that’s the five of it now again I’m just using two strings you’ll get a much thicker sound when you play with the whole G tuning. Now what I’m doing here is a playing open D and G straight and then 5h fret of both these strings back to the open 3rd fret finally back to open.

I want to talk about something very important this song is an alternate tuning and I used to have the mentality of like I don’t want to touch alternate tunings with a 10-foot Pole because you know guitar is hard enough to master and learn just like in luncheon right so why would I want to go and play with an alternate tuning here’s the thing when you play stuff that’s in alternate tunings usually it’s really simple stuff right so like this is a perfect example we’re just playing this one little simple riff and it’s not like we’re you know taking with some crazy Charlie Parker solo and trans you know you know translating it to some weirder fingerings and some different tuning so you can learn a little bit about the alternate tunings and just a really simple stuff and it’s not going to confuse you it’s not going to hold you up it’s not going to distract you from learning the guitar and the normal tuning and you can spend 95% of your time learning the normal tuning and then just a couple killer riffs in the alternate ending stuff.

I hope that was kind of informative and again you can just play this song with two strings and normal tuning there’s just all about that attitude so anyway if you’d like to learn a bunch of songs check out my beginner guitar course it’s actually not just for beginners but it’s got an awesome repertoire for anyone who just wants to just beef up that repertoire and learn a bunch of songs so check that out at guitar control.com slash beginner and make sure to subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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