How To Play These 2 Easy But Awesome Guitar Riffs

Welcome back! In this article I wanna share with you 2 guitar riffs easy ones but awesome
sounding of course.

Most easy riffs are usually cool, but very basic. Today I wanna show you 2 very interesting riffs
that will bring some edge to your guitar playing. The first one reminds me of something that Tom
Morello would play. Is the type of riff you wanna play with either a telecaster or a strat, but
definitely using the neck pickup. Tube distortion is a must to play the next riff, or any
amp sim that emulates tubes.

The first one I wanna show you is using the E Blues Scale. The Blues scale is one of the most
used scales in the rock genre. Thousands of tunes have been written using only the notes of
this scale and nothing else. Let’s check it out:

Easy Guitar Riffs

Easy Guitar Riffs

Hard picking is required for everyone attempting to play the riff above. You gotta destroy those
strings and make them rock. Make sure you are using the right amount of strength though;
overpowering your strokes will result in out of tune notes.

The second riff combines power chords with a very common technique heard in many rock
songs, specially in those hard rock tunes from the 80’s (Whitesnake, Def Leppard, etc). Let’s
check it out:


The key to mastering this riff is to know your pick pattern. I recommend using alternate picking
for the single notes. Starting with a downstroke and following with an upstroke and so on. For
the power chords, just hit them with a very strong downstroke; they will rock. Another way to do
it is to play all downstrokes, even on the single notes. It will be very hard but, it will definitely
sound better. The notes will have way more attack than with alternate picking.

For something a bit more wild, try playing all upstrokes. I personally can’t, but maybe you are
able to.

This is all for today! I hope you have enjoyed this Easy Guitar Riffs article and please remember to check out
some of our most helpful videos at:

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