Learn How to Play Chord Voicings with Seventh

Check out these light and beautiful 7th chords… Basically just the diatonic chords,
but sometimes we don’t practice them in D, and rarely on the top 4 strings… so
its a good exercise/lesson!


This lesson comes from Jon Maclennan,
who always has something great to
show us…

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How’s it going, guys? My name is John McClennan
and I’m here with guitarcontrol.com, bringing you
this video blog. I want to show you a chord family
of 7th chords in the key of D that are just some real
nice shapes on the upper four strings. Be sure to
click the link below for the tab for this so you can
follow along, but we’re going to jump right in here.

The first chord is a D major 7 and the root here is on
the 2nd string. That note is D. So there’s your first
chord in the scale. The frets are 4-6-3-5. Then I’m
going to go to an E minor 7 which would basically be
the next chord in the scale. So I have 5-7-5-7.
Then I move that up a whole step for F sharp minor
7, and then this is going to lead us into the 4
chord which is G major 7. So far I’ve got…

Then I’m going to play an A7 here. Here’s the root
and the frets here are 11-12-10-12. There’s your
5 chord going to your B minor. That’s your 6 chord.
And then 7 is going to be C sharp minor 7 flat 5,
resolving to D major 7, our very first chord up
the octave. Then, of course, you want to take it
back down. So a real nice sounding kind of — close,
some of the notes in the middle here. Those are
close together, so it makes it more of almost like a
cluster sound. So let’s go through it one more time.

So we’ve got D major 7; E minor 7; F sharp
minor 7; G major 7; A7; E minor 7; C sharp
minor 7 flat 5; D major 7. Back down.

Thanks for watching. I’m John McClennan.
Click the link below for the tab and
we’ll catch you next time.

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