How To Play You Are The One By HIM

Guitar Control presents instructor Darrin Goodman with a sweet lesson on how to play You Are The One by HIM. Be sure to click the link for the free tabs to go along with this killer lesson.

You Are The One


Hey everybody how’s it going? This is Darrin with bringing you this video lesson. Today I want to show you a song that there’s a good possibility you’ve never heard it before; I’d never heard it before until just like a couple of weeks ago. The song is called You Are The One by HIM. HIM is a band I can’t recall where they’re from, I completely farted it, but they’re not from the US; I think they’re from Finland or something like that. Anyway I’d heard of them before because if you’ve watch any of the Jackass movies they talk about the band. Anyway I had one of my private students request this song and I had no idea what to expect and it turns out it’s actually a pretty cool song and they’re really good band. This is just a cool song and its fun to play got a cool riff in it and some different types of power chords that I don’t think I’ve ever gone over before so I thought this would be a really good one for you to learn. Anyway be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get close up and take a look.

You Are The One – Intro & Main Riff

All right, so the song starts out with this acoustic version of the main riff and it does it for the intro and it also does it for the outro. So we’re going to start off with a clean tone and I’m here on the third fret of the G string with my first finger and I’m going to pick that and do a hammer-on to the fourth fret and then I’m going to follow that with the third fret of the B string and then I’m gonna go to the fifth fret with my third finger and do a pick and pull back off to the third fret and then back to the fourth fret of the G string… like that. So those two notes are 16th notes and then that’s an eighth note and then 16th and then an eighth note; so it’s like. Then we go to an E minor and these are quarter notes; so this is beats three and four… Then we’re going to on the downbeat of one of the next measure and we just do a mute strum and another E minor and then another mute strum and then we switch to a D… that’s the first two measures. Then starting on the third measure we have the same, but now we’re going to go to a G and then an A minor; so it’s the same rhythmically the same, it’s just the first two measures use E minor and D and the little riff and then E minor and D and then the third and fourth measure it’s the same little lick, but now instead of being E minor and D it’s G and A minor and that’s the intro… All right so that’s the intro and then when it goes into this main part of the song, well actually that’s the first half of the intro and then it’s going to switch over to an over-driven sound.

So for that second half after you have switched over to the overdrive sound it’s kind of the same thing except now the riff is being played lower. So now I’m on the fifth fret of the low E and I’m going to pick that and do a hammer-on to the seventh fret and then follow that with the fifth fret of the A string to the seventh fret and pull back off to five and then back to the seventh fret of the low E; so it’s same notes, but it’s just lower and then that leads us into our first unusual power chord. So you already know… we’ve done this tons and tons of times, just the regular fifth shape. So this is the seventh fret of the E string and ninth fret of the A string and that’s a fifth. So what we’re going to do here is we’re going to be playing this… E5 over B (E5/B); so it’s an E5 power chord, but it’s got a B in the bass. So the E5 power chord would be seven and nine on the A and D strings, but what we’re going to do is take our first finger and we’re going to barre it so we’re getting the low B here on our low E string and then we’re gonna barre it so we’re also getting seven on the A string and then our third finger is going to pick up nine on the D string… it’s a really nice full sounding chord. So after we do that little riff we strum the chord once and then again and slide out of it and then we come back to it hit it again and move it down a whole step… So that’s the first two measures of the second half of the intro and this riff that we’re doing right now is actually very prominent throughout the whole song. Then we do the little riff again andnow we’re going to come down and do a G5 power chord; so first finger on the third fret of the low E and third finger on to the fifth fret of the A string and then we’re going to come back up to seven and nine, but this time we’re going to do B5 instead. So you’re just going to be seventh fret on the low E with your first finger and ninth fret on the A string with your third finger… and then move it down a whole step… so that’s the second two measures of the last half of the intro. Then the last measure we just slide out of it and then that leads us into the verse.


All right so the verse is very similar to the part that we were just doing on the intro. So we start off with that E5/B and we play it the same way, but we rest during the part where the riff would normally be because it doesn’t do that on the verse. So the first measure; one two and or one and two and rest and then the G5, B5 and A5… then rest again and then that’s where we have a repeat. So we have a repeat here with a first and a second ending; so in case you don’t know what that is if you look on your transcription on the line that says verse and you look over at the last part of it you can see at the top of the fourth measure there’s a little bracket with the number one and then on the next measure there’s one with a two. So we start off we play this… and then this time we skip the one that has the bracket of one and we go to the bracket for two and now we’re back to that riff again… so it’s very similar to the intro. Like I said that riff in the intro is kind of the main riff throughout the song. But continuing with the verse now we’re going to come all the way up to the eighth fret of the low E because we’re doing a C5… and then that’s where it leads us into the chorus.


So for the chorus we have this C5… down to A5 and then up to that E5/B… and that’s the four measures that make up the chorus and then it just repeats three times… So after we repeat it three times we’re on that C5 again to A5 to E5/B and now it’s going to go right back into that same riff… like I said it’s just carried throughout the whole thing. All right so those are all the parts of You Are The One by HIM and it’s really easy to tell while you’re listening to the song.


All right so there you have it, that’s You Are The One by HIM. Like I said it’s cool song and it’s fun to play and has cool riffs and some different chords and not so cookie cutter as a lot of other power chord based rock songs are. I think it’s pretty cool to discover a new band even though they’ve been around forever. This song is new to me, but it’s probably 10 years old or more. Anyway if you like this video be sure to give me a thumbs up and if you have not already done so please subscribe the channel and hit that notification bell. Leave me a comment down below if you have any questions or comments or anything about this or other guitar related topics. Alright so that is all I have for you today. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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