Some Of The Great Rockabilly Guitar Licks

Rockabilly is a style of rock music that fuses country with the blues, giving it a rock ‘n roll kind of feel. If you’re a fan of The King of Rock ‘n Roll, Elvis Presley, and other famous artists like Buddy Holly and Johnny Cash, then you’re probably looking for some great rockabilly guitar licks and techniques to practice your skills with. Rockabilly consists of many different techniques which give it its unique feel. One of those techniques that would really help you to play in this genre is Travis picking, a style of fingerpicking that involves using the thumb to play the bass notes and the other fingers to pick the remaining notes in the rhythm. It takes a little practice to get the hang of, but you’ll find it in many rockabilly tunes. Another technique that’s prominent in rockabilly guitar licks is the use of a double stop, which is when you play two notes at the same time on different guitar strings. It’s like a chord, only a chord needs to have at least three notes played simultaneously. In rockabilly, playing two notes really adds to the overall feel of the genre, and you can do a lot of things with them, such as bends, that add more variation to your playing. Check out this VIDEO GUITAR LESSON ON ROCKABILLY LICKS Boogie is also a very popular technique you’ll find in a lot of rockabilly songs. It’s a repetitive pattern and rhythm, like a shuffle, that forms the basis of many song riffs. A boogie can usually be played in one position across only a few frets, and can be composed of all single notes or double stops. Here is an example of a boogie guitar lick. You’ll notice all the notes are quarter notes and have the same value, giving it that shuffle rhythm and repetitive feel. Try it out and see if you can really get into the groove. If you like the feel of this lick, then you should definitely check out other great rockabilly tunes. Boogie Line.jpg Also you can check some of our: BEST SELLING GUITAR COURSES

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