Rhythm Guitar Lesson – RockabillyPattern

We went from kind of the purple blues to
the bright gold of full-fledged,
full-flight rock and roll here.
This is a really fun piece. I actually
get to play Elvis in Ascension of the
Blues in one of the productions and
that was really fun. It’s funny how
you put on an outfit, you put on a
gold guitar and you’re off to the
races; get all excited.

I want to tell you a little bit about
what I was doing. That was kind of a
two-beat, what we call a two-beat in
the key of A. It had a little slap on
it and here’s what basically the target
notes I was doing. So that’s just a
little — you can follow the tab on that,
but it’s just a little A riff. Then you
just go to your D string; back to A.
Then you go to your E.

Now, I should mention, again, we keep
coming back to this because these are
basics with this kind of stuff. I was
using my right hand to dampen the strings
to get that tight. You won’t get that if
you hit it open. It doesn’t have that
same attitude. So that’s that old rock
and roll thing.

One of the key licks I do in this is this.
Now that’s kind of a little Scotty Moore.
He was a guitar player for many great rock
performers back in the early days of rockabilly
in Memphis and that area of the world.

Basically what you’re doing is just a
two-string… We have approached that in
many different ways. So you apply that at
the I, the IV and the V chord and you’re home.


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