easy christmas guitar tabs

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Welcome back! Today I wanna show you one of the most popular and yet easy christmas guitar
tabs. Your kids will learn how to play this song in a matter of minutes, even if they barely know
anything about guitar. Keep reading!
Christmas is a great time that brings the family together and what better than playing some
tunes for your love ones. If you are just starting to play guitar or if you feel like your skills are not
yet at that level, then this the lesson for you; you will learn the most popular christmas song ever
in 3 different ways. The first way will be just the Melody; no chords no bass, nothing but the
melody. This way you will get familiarized with it and it will be easier for you to either sing it later
or to play a more richer arrangement. The second way you will learn this song will be just the
chords, since you already know the melody, then learning the chords will help you comp those
moments in which your love ones are feeling like singing with you. The third way will be a very
easy, but yet awesome arrangement in which you will play the bass and the melody. So let’s get
The song you are going to learn today is Jingle Bells. The melody is very easy to play on almost
any instrument. Here’s the guitar tab for Jingle Bells:


The second version I wanna show you is nothing but the chords, you can sing the melody over


And finally the best sounding one is this original arrangement, very easy, for guitar. You will
have to learn the melody first though; very important. Let’s check it out:


I would personally use the thumb for the bass sustained notes and the middle and ring finger for
the rest.
This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
entire database of videos here: