Weezer’s “Undone – The Sweater Song” – Guitar Lesson Made Easy

In this Guitar Control lesson video instructor Jon McLennan, will show you how to play “Undone-The Sweeter Song” by Weezer. Thank you for hanging out with me in my studio today. I want to give you some guitar lessons in the style of Weezer. This is a cool little riff and has some interesting changes in it. Let us zoom in and check it out;

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

Basically, you’re moving through three shapes, and you’re arpeggiated them. Instead of strumming the chords, you’re going to pick the individual notes. We will start with our second finger on the sixth string third fret. Then we’re going to skip a string, put your first finger down on the second fret, and go to the third fret of the 3rd string, that’s our first chord.

The right hand will pick each one of these notes. I’m going to start with a six-string and go to the fourth string, and then third string, second string, so it ends up sounding like this. Try it slowly, then move your second finger down one string, and keep everything else where it is.

You take the shape of it and move it up to the neck two frets. Instead of being on the third, I’m going up to the fifth and then back down. Let’s do it together slowly, with such cool sounds and real interesting chords.

I hope that gets you started, make sure you subscribe on our YouTube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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