Classical Guitar Tabs

Hey folks. CMC here. Welcome to today’s quick shot-Classical
Guitar tabs. Let’s dive in and take a brief glance at todays

It’s possible that CLASSICAL GUITAR TABS are some of the more
sought after, useful and maybe most critical to guitar
students than rock or any other genre. After all, classical
music is far more structured and theory oriented than most
modern styles and forms the foundations of much of popular
guitar music.

My introduction to classical guitar came through the ever
popular “Greensleeves” in it’s various pop incarnations.
Then more classical fireworks came on the scene with Wendy
(originally Walter) Carlos’s “Switched on Bach” -not guitar
music but certainly inspired me to learn to play some Bach on
guitar. Bands like ELP (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) and YES
further introduced a generation to the Joys of Jesu-(Bach)
and other classics.

Here´s a cool classic guitar lesson that yuo may want to check it out!


Many people aren’t aware of how crucial, critical and amazing
Classical music’s contributions to the world have been. Dudes
like Bach, Handel, Beethoven and Mozart were true geniuses
who forged ahead with music theory and created entire new
musical forms and spaces.

If you look at music before the Baroque and classical era,
you wont find nearly as much richness and complexity. It’s as
if science finally met art, as though mathematics finally
grooved with the heart and we all know that this is where
stuff really starts (to happen) -when we use both our art and
our heart.

Furthermore, studies have shown that listening to classical
can actually improve cognitive and learning functions.
So, for sure, get out those classical guitar tabs and get on
the move and in the groove!

You’ll find a huge selection of them online, free and
otherwise. No need to spend a lot of money but you might need
to spend some time. Find the one’s right for you; don’t
hesitate, get crackin!

So, DIVE in, dig it and just DO IT! Get your classical guitar
tabs on!

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