3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros

Guitar Control presents instructor Darrin Goodman with 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros that you can learn today. Be sure to get the free tabs that go with this killer lesson on 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros.

3 easy electric guitar song intros


Hey everybody how’s it going? This is Darrin with GuitarControl.com bringing you this video lesson. Today I want to show you three cool electric guitar song intros from really famous and highly recognizable songs. These intros are cool fun riffs to play that everybody knows. So be sure to click on the link in the description for the tabs and let’s get close up and take a look at 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros.

Guitar Intro-1 – Day Tripper – The Beatles

All right so the first 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros we’re going to look at is Day Tripper by the Beatles. So we start off with the open low E string and the timing is kind of weird; you just kind of have to feel it out. So this is a dotted quarter note, one two and three and four and. So we’ve got the open low E string then to the third fret and then to the fourth fret; so how I like to do this is I use my second and third finger so that way it leaves my first finger ready to go down here on the second fret of the A string. So we’ve got open to the third fret, to the fourth fret and then to the second fret of the A string to the second fret of the D string and the D string open… that’s the first measure. Then we go to the second fret of the A string to the fourth fret of the D string and back to the second fret of the A string, then the D string open and then the second fret and that’s the second half… So the whole thing… and then the whole thing just repeats… All right so with that one like I said that you kind of have to feel out the timing otherwise you’re going to be; one two and three four and it’s just kind of weird. Now that last open string on the first measure is an eighth note, but it’s tied to a quarter note in the second measure, so it gets the same duration that this first note did, but now it’s on the D string… and then it just repeats. So my recommendation on this is just to kind of really play it slow and really try to make sure you get that rhythm and timing down of this Easy Electric Guitar Song Intro.

Guitar Intro-2 – Don’t Fear The Reaper – BOC

All right the next 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros we have Don’t Fear The Reaper from Blue Oyster Cult and this one is fairly easy. So we’re gonna start off just with a regular old A major chord and when I do this I like to do this method where I just barre my first finger so that the A string is open and then I’ve got my first finger barring across the D and G string and then it just simply starts with A, D, G and then the G string open and this is all made of eighth notes; one and two. Then starting on the downbeat of three we switch to a G major chord and we’re only going to be playing the E, A, D and G strings, but you already have muscle memory to grab the whole chord like this… so it just makes it easier in my opinion. Now this simply is; E, A, D, G, so three and four and that’s the first measure which is half of the riff, it’s just two measures long. So then we have C suspended two over F (Csus2/F), it’s not nearly as tough to play as it sounds. So what we’re gonna do here basically is your first finger will be on the first fret of the low E string and third finger on the third fret of the A string, like you’re doing an F five (F5) power chord, but you’re also going to play the D and G strings open. So we have; E, A, D, G, and again just eighth notes, so one and two and and then back to the G for three and four and, and that’s the whole sequence just like that… So it just repeats over and over again and again I would work with just trying to get the transitions and everything down for that first.

Guitar Intro-3 – Message In A Bottle – The Police

All right and then the final 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros we have Message In A Bottle by the Police. Now this one is definitely a little bit more difficult to play than the other two were. So this one is based entirely off of this shape… So what it is its like if you take your regular power chord shape and then you add one more note to it so like in this… So we start off here we’re on the fourth fret of the A string, the sixth fret of the D string and the eighth fret of the G string… and we’ve got here is; one, five and nine and this is what is being played through for all of these shapes. Now this is a pretty big stretch especially if you’re a beginner. You might feel like that this is impossible. I’ve showed this to tons of my private students and I always hear “my fingers are too short”, “my hands are too small”, yada, yada, yada. That doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of getting the flexibility, I’ve got very small hands and I can do it. So there’s two ways that you could finger this and when I do it I use my first, my second and my fourth finger, but some people find it more comfortable use their first, third and fourth finger; so whichever way is comfortable for you is fine, it doesn’t matter which way you do it, but for me it’s just much easier get the big stretch between my first and second finger than it is between my third and fourth finger. So we start off here on the fourth fret of the A string and this is a G sharp five over C sharp (G#5/C#)… and then we move to the next chord shape. So for the next chord shape we just take that shape and we just move it up a half step and then down a set of strings; so now we’re at the fifth fret of the low E string, the seventh fret of the A string and the ninth fret of the D string… So these first three notes are sixteenth notes and then when we come to here we have an eighth note and then two sixteenth notes… so like three quick ones, one slower and then two quick ones again. And then we’re going to make the take this shape down starting again on the A string we’re starting at the second fret; so we’ve got two and six to the fourth fret of the D string and then the sixth fret of the G string with that same timing. So the first note rings out just a little longer than the other two… then we’re going to take that shape and go straight down so now we’re starting on the low E second fret, fourth fret of the A string and sixth fret of the D string and then you’re going to slide up to the seventh fret and then it just repeats… So the whole thing slowly… So this is really a workout for your left hand for stretching and everything. I’ve only played it just a few times here and I can already feel it here in my wrist and through the palm of my hand because of the big stretch. So it’s good for you to do this to kind of get the stretching, but just listen to your body and if it starts hurting don’t play through the pain, take a break, you don’t want to get tendonitis or something because if you’ve never had that it’s awful for a guitar player to have tendonitis, it’s awful for anybody to have it, but you’re trying to do something with your hands like these 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros it makes it virtually impossible.


All right so there you have it, 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros that are fun to play and everybody knows what they are and as soon as you play them people will turn their heads and know exactly what it is. So if you like this 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros lesson be sure to give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below if you have any questions about this or other guitar related topics. If you’ve not already done so please subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell so you don’t miss any of the content like 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros that we upload throughout the week. Well that is all I have for you today. Thanks for watching 3 Easy Electric Guitar Song Intros and have a great day.

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