How To Play Joan Jett’s I Hate Myself for Loving You on Guitar

Hi, this is Stephanie Picker with Guitar Control, and today we’re over a few parts for “I Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jett. As always there’s a tab to help you follow along if you haven’t already please subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the Bell below to get notifications sent straight to your phone or computer when we have a new video up alright let’s get started

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The 1st riff is kind of our main riff and it’s so cool it’s very driving and just really memorable so I start that riff with an E5 power cord rooted on the 5th string, my pointer is put on that 5th string E note 2nd string then I take my ring finger and placed it on the 4th string 9th fret and my pinky right under it.

I’m doing a three string power cord because I want to be able to strum a little bit more and I think it’s a fatter sounding chord it’s just fuller a few which one of you can obviously also do the two, I’m just adding in the octave but that’s their finger so two fingers in the root and the 5th if you do that you have to strum less ring so only from as many strings the fingers you have down I’m also muting the other strings so that I don’t have to really take note of what I’m strumming or some kind of everything so if you wanted to mute go ahead and mute which is just lightly touching every turn you don’t want to hear if not you do have to be really particular and really accurate with your strumming hand so I go down, four time and then to this G also on the 5th string 10th fret and I’m on the exact same shape up to the 10th fret, so now I’m on the 10 on the 5th string then 12 and 12 on the 4th and 3rd string same exact shape then back to E.

It’s kind of slides but I am also attacking once I get to the G chord that really cool we’re going to go to D so it’s the same power chords but now down to the 5th fret 5th string, 5th fret pointer finger 4th string, 7th fret ring finger, and 3rd string 7th fret pinky. This works pretty cool it just changes the tone of things a little bit. So we take our pointer and we place it back on that E note on the 5th string 5th fret 6th string so that’s 5, 5, 5, 7, 5, 5, 5, 7, will be on the 5th and 6th string back to the 5th fret 5th string E5 alright let’s put that all together.

Let’s go with that verse so just going to move this box we’re using the D, the E, the A, and the B only those chords. Just moving around that same power chord shape in a box pretty much just this little box so the pre-course is really simple three chords high five and five G5 being that power chord shape rooted on the 6th string so 3rd fret with our pointer for A 5th fret again same thing, there’s B7 fret so it’s on one measure, one measure, one measure, one is your two measures all that’s the chorus.

Thank you so much for watching remember there’s tabs below to help you follow along if you haven’t already please subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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