electric guitar practice

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Welcome back! Today I wanna show you a great electric guitar practice routine.
Let’s start off by saying that the point of a routine is to either train your hands to play what you
already know, or to challenge yourself to learn new stuff. I wanna challenge you to learn a few
complicated patterns that I personally think will help you a lot.
The first one we are going to explore is an alternate picking exercise that will help you
strengthen your picking technique and develop a better hand movement. My suggestion is to
practice this lick with a crunchy sound and not so distorted, as it will probably be harder for you.
Also, try to sustain each note for its full value; very important. Let’s check it out:


The next exercise I wanna show you is a Major Scale pattern that is very simple but yet
complicated. The whole thing is just Sixths; that’s right the interval sixth. It sounds easy but the
idea is the stay in position and try to play a sixth interval from every note of the scale. Let’s
check it out:


My suggestion for it is to start with a down stroke. It’s always easier to pick a note from the
outside. For example if you are playing a note on the 5th fret and then a note on the 3rd fret, it
will always be easier to play the note on the 5th fret with a downstroke, because then you will
automatically play the next note on the 3rd fret with an upstroke, which is way easier than the
other way around.
Finally the last lick I wanna show you involves tapping. This is a very popular style of tapping
that is coming up lately. Guitar players will no longer pick long phrases, but actually tap them.
Let’s learn it:


My advice on this is to use any finger you want for the tapping, as long as it feels right and
comfortable. Also, you should hammer-on and pull-off all the other notes.

This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
entire database of videos here: