How to Pick A 6-Note Lick To An Easy Shred-Speed Guitar Play


Holy Cannolis, I’m buried under 2 feet of snow.

Well, actually I’m safe and warm inside but
if I were OUTSIDE, then I would be buried in
snow like everything else…

I certainly am NOT going to attempt to dig
out my car, let alone go anywhere.

Yesterday, my mom called me and gave me the
advice to stock up on food before the storm.

Which I did…

And it turned out to be great advice,
thanks Mom! Best advice I got all week.

So, now with nowhere to go, I might as well
catch up with you in an email and while Im at it, pay
the good advice forward with some good
thoughts of my own.

Ok, nothing super profound but here is an
interesting 6-note pentatonic pattern.

You can repeat it over and over
(I call this a repeating lick)
and try to get it as fast as you can.

The interesting thing is how I am
picking it to get some easy shred-speed

First, here is the lick:



Again, NOTHING fancy about the NOTES.

But try the following way to play the notes,
and you will get WAY more speed than with
alternate picking:

Downstroke, hammmer-on, upstroke,
downstroke, downstroke, hammer-on.

Dont get weirded out by the fact
that your last real stroke is a downstroke
and then you’re starting over with a downstroke.
The hammer-on note in between (last note of
the pattern) gives you enough time to get
in position again.

This lick just flows… Try it !

And of course, saving my BEST advice for last,
pick up a copy of Killer Guitar Control Secrets,
Virtuoso Guitar Secrets, or the Guitar Scale System.

Investing in your musical knowledge rewards you
for a lifetime. Best advice I heard all week!

Rock on,


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