How To Do Alternate Picking Arpeggios In Eric Johnson Style

Hey, how’s it going this is George Maris  with Guitar control, I do hope that you enjoy this lick and you will find their transcription on the link under the video let’s check it out so this is a mountain of picking a pitcher kind of line based of Erick Johnson.


eric johnson lesson

It’s in the key of E minor and it’s quite cool for sort of picking stuff so if you’re looking for something that’s fun to practice your alternate picking that’s really cool like to learn so it’s based on the E minor chord and G, C major, D major, E minor, G, C major, A major and it goes something like this. So an E minor we’re going to play the D-string then G on the B- string skipping the G-string, so you must pay attention to the strings to get there and back to B.

I haven’t worked in this kind of style playing before you might just want to sort of spend some time in that chord alone, so I’m going to move over to the G major chord so lovely G and D I’m going to skip the G-string and play B and we’re going to move over to the C major chord and we’re going to play once again the root on the A-string then G on the D-string the E on the B-string and I’m going to play D-string and then we’re going to play the exact same pattern for the D major chord.

Now for the second part of the leg we’re going to sort of identical so we’re going to play E minor the same way to G, the same way to C, the same way but the last chord is the one that changes so instead of D major we’re going to play A major and it’s going to look something like this, so once again we’re going to be playing the root on the lowest string so we’re going to play A on the low E-string and we’re going to play E on the E-string and then we get the string and play C sharp on the G-string and you guys can take those chord shapes in that, you can do variations with a sort of our page ad patterns you don’t have to stick to that as always good to get something and try to make something that’s your own after it.

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