Use Of The Fingerpicking Technique When Playing Guitar

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to take a look at fingerpicking guitar songs.

Fingerstyle playing was for many years a type of technique that everybody associated to acoustic or nylon string performers. It has always worked great in country and bluegrass guitar, as well as in classical music or flamenco, everybody agreed that playing with your right hand fingers was an old standard and also a respected tradition.

One of the main applications of this useful tool was, and still is, the possibility of playing a melody with bass notes or even chord accompaniment at the same time. That was a really different thing by then, quite beyond the reach of most standard plectrum picking players, before the concept of hybrid picking even appeared.

New players finally came out and their influence left an important trace. Many of them had learnt simultaneously from rock and country players, and other similar combinations, so the mix of styles and genres became a style itself, and the frontiers between picking styles and techniques started to disappear little by little.


Nowadays there are a lot of guitarists that have decided to incorporate fingerpicking even if they have already achieved an efficient picking technique. This happens to be particularly useful as an expression resource that will allow any guitar player to perform different type of things, such as melodies, arpeggios, comping, and others with less or none effort.


Some of the things that may result interesting to anyone who is trying to get into fingerpicking is that chords and arpeggios sound very fluidly and natural. Of course, just like it happens with every guitar skill, this one needs to be incorporated and improved by a constant and efficient practice.

There are tons of great classic rock, blues, country songs and, of course, classical music pieces that you can learn to develop your fingerstyle. And there are many others that can be adapted to this technique in order to make it more natural to you by playing not only exercises but also music that inspires you.

Keep on playing! See you soon!

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