How to Learn Guitar Fast

Hey, readers, Joshua Olivieri here. And if you’re reading this article, you are a lot like me. There isn’t enough time on this earth to be patient and give things time to grow and develop. You’re a go getter and take pride in getting things done quickly and efficiently.

Now you want to learn guitar, but want to dive right in and get your hands dirty. Now I must warn you that this takes conviction. If you can’t keep yourself focused on that goal of learning to play your guitar, then you will never reach it, or you’ll merely settle for “good enough”.

If you want to learn quickly, you must first set an end goal. How much do you actually want to know by the end of your time? Do you want to know how to strum and play chords? Do you want to know how to split a chord? Or do you want to be able to fingerpick your heart away? There are many paths you can take when playing guitar, so however much you put into it and where you decide to go is exactly where you’re going to end up when everything is said and done.

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Once you decide precisely how much you want to learn, you have to eliminate every obstacle that could slow down that process. You see, when many people start out on their guitar, it takes them a long while to actually start picking it up and playing effectively. This is because they have low confidence, don’t have developed calluses, haven’t stretched their hands properly, or have problems with their guitar.

To avoid all of these things, the best thing you can do is to play long and play often. No matter how discouraged you may feel some days, keep playing. Once you develop those calluses, keep playing so you don’t lose them; the pain will make your fingers useless if you don’t maintain them. Constantly stretch your hand so your fingers get used to moving around quickly and across multiple frets. And always make sure your guitar is in tip top shape! Your guitar is your pride and joy! If it breaks down, then it won’t matter how stretched your hand is or how callused your fingers are.

If you want to get started on the guitar now, there are many sources on this website that can help you out, as well as a chart of all the notes on the fretboard below for a nice reference point. So what are you waiting for? Crack your fingers and get strumming!


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