Easy Guitar Tabs For Beginners

Welcome back! Everyone’s looking for free easy guitar tabs, so in this article I’m gonna share
with you a really great sounding one. Beginners, grab your guitar!

So the next tab I’m about to show you is a blues rock inspired type of lick. Whenever I play it for
my students, I immediately think of 70’s bands. This is a great beginner’s lick because it is very
easy to play and yet it sounds awesome. Call a drummer and tell him to follow you with a simple
Kick Snare pattern. Bring this to rehearsal and everyone will be able to play it. You bass player
is gonna groove with it, the piano player is gonna be like “yeah man”.

So the example is composed in the key of D and I suggest you play it with a bit of distortion and
with the bridge pickup! Anyway here it goes:


Sounds great right? Now for the pick pattern, since this is a relatively slow lick, you can either
pick down all the way through or use alternate picking. If you are gonna use alternate picking
then I suggest you always start with a downward movement before playing a busy line. For
instance, the first note of the lick should be player downwards. Also, whenever you have a long
note it is a good idea to use a vibrato technique.

Vibrato is great because it brings something special to what would otherwise be a long boring
note. The way you play vibrato is by slightly bending the note up and down, multiple times. For
example, the sixth note of the exercise is a clear candidate to use vibrato.
Now regarding the chords that would go with this awesome melody, we can play the following


Some people like to use their fingers whenever they are playing chords, and some other people
prefer using a pick; I suggest you use a pick for this. Also, notice how there are rests (silences)
in between chords? Well the way you are gonna perform this is by laying the right part of your
right hand on to the strings; this way the sound is gonna be muted.

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